Mechatronics Ace 150mm Manual Probe Station Preconfigured Systems

The Mechatronics ACE preconfigured probe stations offer value with its low cost of ownership and effortless operation. By leveraging essential Micromanipulator designs and expertise, the Mechatronics ACE by Micromanipulator offers terrific value and budget friendliness.

Ordering is simple! Take advantage of a preconfigured package that includes everything you need to get started. Or configure you own station, choosing from a broad range of accessories including microscopes, manipulators, probe holders, and probe tips. Already have accessories? Great, you can order just the station for one low price.

Mechatronics probe stations and accessories provide economical value and efficient performance for basic probing applications. Mechatronics products leverage Micromanipulator ingenuity into economical product designs. For the first time, budget conscious customers with basic probing needs can benefit from Micromanipulator experience.

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