Micromanipulator Probe Stations

Micromanipulator produces high performance, efficient analytical probe stations and accessories for both wafer level and decapsulated packaged part probing.  From upgradeable high performance manual systems capable of high speed and low current measurements, to semiautomatic systems designed for effortless production of statistically significant data sets, Micromanipulator provides the tools to consistently produce high quality, decisive data you can depend on.  The Micromanipulator brand also offers a full line of accessories to enhance system capabilities.  From thermal chucks for -65C to 400C testing, to sub-micron positioners equipped with high performance probe heads, Micromanipulator can configure a perfect system the way you want it, for your application, and personal preferences.  The Micromanipulator customer enjoys a consultative sales experience backed by seasoned Micromanipulator engineering staff, assuring convenient, efficient system configurations for critical probing applications.

  • High Performance
  • System Level Probing
  • Semi-Automatic, Motorized, Manual
  • Thermal Capabilities, Upgradeable

P300A 300mm Semi-automatic

4060 200mm Manual

P300J 300mm Motorized

2210 System Level Prober