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The Micromanipulator Company is a worldwide probe pin manufacturer that provides the semiconductor industry with the most comprehensive selection of probe stations and accessories available anywhere. By offering such a wide range of products, customers have the ability to configure a prober from an extensive list of options that best suits their needs. In addition Micromanipulator’s technology brings a “systems approach” to integration that includes: vibration isolation, thermal management and flexibility as well as open architectures and material selections. Our technology allows customers to focus on data, not the prober.

Probe Pin Manufacturer – Excellent Value and Innovations

As a leading probe pin manufacturer, we incorporate our 60+ years of analytical probing experience with state-of-the-art design, test and manufacturing capability. As much of our success stems from the fact that we have always put customer satisfaction first, it is one of our priorities to both listen and learn from our customers.

The innovative accessories for our comprehensive selection of probe stations offer you the opportunity to outfit your station based on your needs.  One of our products include the H1000 series thermal chuck, which is a Micromanipulator exclusive design and leads the wafer probing industry with the best planarity, lowest noise, and lowest cost of ownership available. Several configurations are available to fit your application and budget. We also offer high-quality microscopes, vibration isolation, light and noise shields, manipulators, DC and RF measurement hardware.

As part of our superior customer service, Micromanipulator offers excellent extended warranties and preventative maintenance programs. Furthermore, we will provide upgrade paths (even for obsolete tools!) in our ongoing effort to help you protect your investments. We welcome questions and inquiries into our products and will do our best to assist you in whatever way we can.

We not only invented analytical probing in 1956, but Micromanipulator is the leading name in the field. We reliably deliver the tools and life cycle support the semiconductor industry depends on. Part of our company’s philosophy and what drives our success is an unfaltering commitment to our customers’ satisfaction. We invite you to check out our exceptional values and premium quality as one of the world’s foremost probe pin manufacturer.

Probe Pin Manufacturer