Test Probe Manufacturers

Test Probe Manufacturers – Discover our Reliable, Trusted Services

The Micromanipulator Company has worked with and learned from our customers since 1956, and partnered in their success. We are one of the top global test probe manufacturers in the industry with extensive experience in leading edge applications ranging from low current, to high speed testing. Our areas of expertise includes low current/low noise measurement, failure analysis, high and low temperature characterization, device reliability analysis, high speed digital analysis, ESD wafer level testing and much more. Micromanipulator’s customized approach allows you to find the right probe station and then outfit it with our innovative and, in some cases exclusive, accessories.

Test Probe Manufacturers: Specialized Full Life-Cycle Support

Unlike many test probe manufacturers, we provide upgrade paths even for obsolete tools along with extended warranties and preventive maintenance programs to ensure the best protection for your investments. Moreover our worldwide presence means we are able to provide full support regardless of where you are located.

Our customers benefit from the value of our “Full Life-Cycle Support”, which starts in the concept of solutions engineering, to the production of stations and consumables, right through to on-site support and maintenance. Our exceptional line-up of probe stations includes the world’s first true System Level probe station with above and below ambient temperature capabilities. Another example is our Model 450PM 8” probe station that offers a low purchase price as well as low cost of ownership. With its stable, reliable probing performance, it is quickly becoming the choice for cost conscience test labs around the world.

Beside our full line-up of probe stations, we also offer the widest selection of accessories available on the market today. You can choose accessories that meet your personal preferences, your measurement equipment interface requirements, application demands, or to fit your budget needs. Contact us to learn more about our innovation products and services.

As leaders in the field, the Micromanipulator Company invented analytical probing back in 1956. Ever since then, we have reliably delivered the tools and life cycle support the semiconductor industry depends on. Part of our company’s philosophy and what drives our success is an unfaltering commitment to our customers’ satisfaction. Please contact us to learn more about one of the most trusted global test probe manufacturers.

Test Probe Manufacturers