Micromanipulator Establishes California Demonstration Facility

Micromanipulator (Carson City, Nevada, USA), a leading supplier of advanced analytical probing systems and accessories, announced today that it has partnered with TEC Associates in Fremont California to establish a California demonstration facility.

The new demonstration facility is conveniently located at 871 Corporate Way in Fremont California, just minutes from the San Jose International Airport and Bay Area customer locations. The demonstration hub allows Micromanipulator customers to evaluate the performance and capabilities of Micromanipulator tools in a real world setting. Customers can schedule private demonstrations where they can bring devices and measurement hardware to the demo hub to verify Micromanipulator capabilities with actual devices.

The first tool installed at the new hub is Micromanipulators model 2210-LS system level prober. With the 2210-LS:

  • Versatile probing capability for wafer, decapped IC, and decapped board mounted IC probing.
  • The functionality of the probe station employed at the wafer level, including above and frost free below ambient temperature stress, has been fully transferred from wafer to system level for true Internet of Things development.
  • The integrity and end use functionality of the IC system is not compromised.
  • Cost of test and setup are controlled with flexibility to test different systems on one platform.
  • Reliance on simulations and ambient only probe data is reduced.

Contact Micromanipulator or TEC Associates to schedule your demonstration!

Micromanipulator: http://www.micromanipulator.com , 1-800-654-5659, sales@micromanipulator.com

TEC Associates: http://tecreps.com , 925-831-1700, sales@tecreps.com

About Micromanipulator

From its worldwide headquarters in Carson City, Nevada USA, Micromanipulator supplies the semiconductor industry with analytical probing equipment for design verification, device modeling and characterization, design and market FA, process verification, and quality control. Our innovative products have positioned us as the dominate supplier of pre and post tape out wafer, package, and system level analytical probing tools for integrated circuits for the entire semiconductor product development process.

About TEC Associates

With offices in Fremont and San Ramon California, TEC Associates is a Manufacturer’s Representative and Distributor specializing in capital equipment and related products in the High Tech arena. Areas of focus include process equipment, test and measurement equipment, failure analysis and reliability equipment, and gas detection systems. TEC Associates is Micromanipulators exclusive sales representative in Northern California.