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Probe Positioners – Solutions to Meet Any Testing Needs

Micromanipulator offers a variety of probe positioners (manipulators) designed to meet personal preferences, application demands and budget needs.  Our probe positioners range from our economy Model 110 manipulator right through to the multi-versatile WAVE manipulator.  All of our manipulators provide the highest stability available on the market and feature direct leadscrew lead nut drives and ergonomic designs.

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Probe Positioners – Wide Range of Innovative Models

As you see from above, we have probe positioners to meet any budget or performance requirements. The economy Model 110 offers a low acquisition cost and small footprint for easy placement. Our medium range probe positioners offer industry leading flexibility and performance with 7 possible setup and positioning adjustments.

The Model 2525VM-2 has excellent COO for high-performance applications including sub-micron tests as well as a one-handed, left/right neutral operation. Our “Wave” series manipulators feature X-Y and Z leadscrew-lead nut control plus theta and planarity controls for alignment of microwave, multi-probe or mini-probe cards (such as Celadon’s “Versa Tile” and coplanar probes).

The probe positioners are stabilized by a vacuum or magnetic base and are used to support the probe holder. They are available in manual, motorized or programmable versions. Furthermore, to permit different probe holder shank widths to be firmly attached to the manipulator, a collet and collet shaft are used. At Micromanipulator the collet shafts are included with our manipulators and applicable collets are included with probe holders.

Please contact us if have any questions or need further information regarding our extensive selection of high-quality probe positioners, holders and tips.

At Micromanipulator we not only invented analytical probing in 1956 but are the leading name in the field. We expertly deliver the tools and life cycle support the semiconductor industry depends on. Part of our company’s philosophy and what drives our success is an unfaltering commitment to our customers’ satisfaction. You will find just what you need with our comprehensive range of probe holders, tips, and probe positioners.

Probe Positioners