525-VM-2 Vacuum Based Manipulator – Left-Right Hand Neutral

$2,485.00 (Plus 0% Tax)

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    • Most efficient manipulator with convenient front mount “Quick-Z” feature
    • Fully adjustable nose piece (rotate, height)
    • Compact footprint
    • Left/right neutral (all controls are rear of manipulator)
    • True linear motion
    • Recommended for probing < 1-micron targets
    • 100 TPI XYZ drive
    • Vacuum or Magnetic base


    Manipulator, left/right hand neutral for placement on left and right sides of probing setup.  True linear motion.  Fine controls are in-line and easily accessible from the rear of the manipulator.  Nose piece is adjustable in the Z-axis and may be rotated 180-degree from the manipulator body. Recommended for setups requiring flexibility, efficiency, and for geometries > 1-micron.  100 T.P.I. drive.  Vacuum or magnetic versions available.

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