7B Tungsten Probe Tip (Box of 10)

$105.00$175.00 (excl. 0% Tax)Per box of 10 tips

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Ideal for general purpose probing. Gold Plating & Larger Tip Radius Available.

(10 tips per box)

Option Info: In the select box below, the first number is the point radius. If the number is followed by the letter “G”, then it is Gold Plated Tungsten.



Tip diameter prior to sharpening: Selectable above
Point radius: 0.5um Standard
Point taper length: .060”
Included angle: Varies
Overall length: 1.4″ (Tip length may be trimmed by customer as needed).
Shank diameter: .020”
Material: Tungsten or Gold Plated Tungsten

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