Mechatronics ACE Binocular Scope Preconfigured Probe Station

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    ACE probe station, binocular stereo zoom microscope, 2 magnetic manipulators, 2 single wire probe holders, box of tips.

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    Need more options? You can configure your own probe system from scratch!



    The ACE probe station offers value with its low cost of ownership and effortless operation. By leveraging essential Micromanipulator designs and expertise, the ACE by Mechatronics offers terrific value and budget friendliness.

    ACE-STN-PKG-1 includes the following items:

    • ACE Probe Station. 6″ (150mm) x 6″ (150mm) X, Y, Quick 90 degree theta rotation detent. Controls ergonomically located outside station platen footprint. Nickel plated, fixed, supports up to 10 magnetic or vacuum base manipulators. Supports 3″to 6″ (75-150mm) wafers (small pieces with Vac Puc accessory).
    • Binocular microscope (ACE-SCP-BINO)
    • Mechatronics manipulator (2), 1 each right hand and left hand, magnetic base. Formerly Micromanipulator 110. XYZ controls forward facing when placed on right side of probing setup. Arching motion. 32 T.P.I XYZ drive. Requires probe holder.
    • Mechatronics probe holder (2). Lead wire terminates in a circular eye connector with an approximately 1/16 inch (1.6mm) hole for connection to measurement instruments. Bent body for use with stations that have the wafer chuck below the platen. Total body length = 3-1/8 ”. Total body drop (by bent body) = 1-1/4”.
    • Mechatronics probe tips, box of 5. Tungsten tip for general purpose probing, bendable shank and tip. Point radius 0.5-micron. Total length = 1.4″. Length may be trimmed as needed.


    You can optionally add a MINI-VAC Vacuum pump for use with Mechatronics accessories and/or a ACE-VAC-PUC collection plate.

    Cost effective price and low cost of ownership

    Meets the needs of many applications

    Easy to learn and use

    Data Sheet (ACE Probe Station rev A2 PDF)


    Additional information

    Vacuum Manipulators

    Normal Manipulators, 1 left 1 right (ACE-MNP-RH-MT and ACE-MNP-LH-MT), Substitute vacuum manipulators, 1 left 1 right (ACE-MNP-RH-VM and ACE-MNP-LH-VM)

    Coaxial Upgrade

    Standard Holders, Coaxial Holders

    Vacuum Pump

    No Vacuum Pump, Add Vacuum Pump