Mechatronics ACE Binocular Scope Probe Station Only



ACE probe station and binocular stereo zoom microscope.

Need camera support? See our Mechatronics ACE Trinocular Scope Preconfigured Probe Station.
Need more options? You can configure your own probe system from scratch!


ACE-STN-1 Base Station Only includes the following items:

  • ACE Probe Station. 6″ (150mm) x 6″ (150mm) X, Y, Quick 90 degree theta rotation detent. Controls ergonomically located outside station platen footprint. Nickel plated, fixed, supports up to 10 magnetic or vacuum base manipulators. Supports 3″to 6″ (75-150mm) wafers (small pieces with Vac Puc accessory).
  • Binocular microscope for use with ACE station. Does not support camera mounting (order trinocular scope for use with camera systems). Wide field of view, long working distance StereoZoom with super flexible boom stand provides over 6″x 6″ (150x 150mm) X-Y positioning.


Cost effective price and low cost of ownership

Meets the needs of many applications

Easy to learn and use

Data Sheet (ACE Probe Station rev A2 PDF)


Additional information

Vacuum Manipulators

Normal Manipulators, 1 left 1 right (ACE-MNP-RH-MT and ACE-MNP-LH-MT), Substitute vacuum manipulators, 1 left 1 right (ACE-MNP-RH-VM and ACE-MNP-LH-VM)

Coaxial Upgrade

Standard Holders, Coaxial Holders

Vacuum Pump

No Vacuum Pump, Add Vacuum Pump