450PM-MW (150-200mm) General Purpose Manual Probe Station

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  • Low purchase price and low cost of ownership
  • Compound Microscope
  • Hot chuck compatible (field upgradeable)
  • Comprehensive accessory support
  • Meets the needs of many applications


450PM-MW (150-200mm) Manual

The Model 450PM 8” probe station offers value with its low cost of ownership and stable, reliable probing performance. With a design based on Micromanipulators popular Model 4060 probe station, extensive application coverage and flexible options, the 450PM is quickly becoming the probe station of choice for test labs around the world.

Our customers expect Micromanipulator probe stations to provide stability with open, flexible designs that incorporate precise, dependable mechanics. The 450PM-MW continues this tradition by offering a compound microscope combined with a more economical station for those customers not needing the low current capability, precise positioning and additional convenience features of the popular 4000 and 8000 series probe stations, but he still need a compound microscope.

The Model 450PM provides a very capable probe station solution for everyday analytical probing, and offers standard options so that you can configure a 450PM for your specific needs. Probe card holders, thermal chucks, manipulators, unique probe holders, vibration isolation tables, and camera systems are popular options.

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