P300J (200mm-300mm) Motorized Manual Probe Station

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  • The highest performance highest value 300mm analytical probe station available on the market today.
  • Sub-micron positioning coupled with fA current resolution.
  • Hot and cold chuck compatible.
  • Comprehensive accessory support.
  • Upgradable platform.


P300J (200-300mm) Motorized Manual Probe Station

The P300J probe station is the most stable, intuitive, and space efficient manual 300mm analytical probe station available today. Designed for low current, sub-micron positioning applications, the P300J comes standard with features such as single-point ground, dry/dark environment, and integrated thermal chuck plumbing. Motorized controls placed conveniently at the front of the station give a dynamic speed range which allows both precise positioning and long-distance moves.

Both joystick and MicroTouchTM controls intuitively operate the station stage, platen (Z), and theta as well as the microscope X-Y and Z drives.  The P300J’s large magnetic stainless steel platen has plenty of room for multiple manipulators and/or a probe card.

The system supports a wide choice of options, and is even backward compatible with accessories (manipulators, probe holders, probe card holders) from our industry-standard 4000 and 8000 series (200mm) stations.

The station includes an adjustable microscope lift delay which prevents driving the probes into the microscope objective, a feature that Micromanipulator pioneered, and which is a hallmark of our professional probing systems.

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