P300A Semi-Automatic Probe Station

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  • Highest Performance Semi-Automatic Station
  • Comprehensive Software Suite
  • The best Low Current, Sub-Micron, & Temperature Performance
  • Coaxial Chuck Standard
  • Thermal & Triaxial Chuck Upgradeable
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P300A Semiautomatic Probe Station

The P300A probe station is the most stable, intuitive, and space efficient 300mm semi-automatic analytical probe station available today. Designed for low current, sub-micron positioning applications, the P300A comes standard with features such as single-point ground, dry/dark environment, and
integrated thermal chuck plumbing. Built for reliability as well as precision, the P300A features closed-loop operation with massive stage and platen drives, a robust chuck mount and a harmonic theta drive.

The P300A uses netProbeTM, Micromanipulator’s revolutionary prober control software. Navigator, Inter-active Video, Memory List, Wafer Map and Setup modules provide full functionality with a wealth of high level features including Video Positioning and Snap Alignment, Die to Die and In-Die stepping, and a prober interface that can emulate other station commands. Motorized controls placed conveniently at the
front of the station allow simple manual control of this semi-automatic station when programmability is not required.

Both joystick and MicroTouchTM controls intuitively operate the station stage, platen (Z), and theta as well as the microscope X-Y and Z drives. A local touch-screen display also provides setup and operational
programmability locally to the probe station hardware.

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