P300L Semi-Automatic Probe Station

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  • 300mm semiautomatic wafer prober
  • NETPROBE-7 control software included (wafer map, sub-die, video, theta alignment, pattern recognition)
  • Drivers for popular testers from companies including Keysight, Keithley, and LabVIEW
  • Configurable for DC, RF, Microwave, and High Power applications
  • -55C to 300C configurable


P300L Semiautomatic Probe Station

The Micromanipulator P300L 300mm semiautomatic probe station comes standard with features such as single-point ground and integrated thermal chuck plumbing. Built for reliability as well as precision, the P300L features leadscrew – leadnut stage and platen drives, a stainless steel platen with removable front wedge and high stability microscope bridge that supports all high resolution long-working distance microscopes.

The P300L ‘s versatile controller supports USB and GPIB communications (configured with proper options). The stage X-Y and platen (Z) are motorized / programmable. Microscope motorized / programmable control is also an option. The system may be controlled via scripts and all popular parametric test analytical prober drivers. An indexing script with user GUI and a Labview VI is provided allowing use of the system right out of the box.

Micromanipulator strives to ensure our semiautomatic systems are flexible so that applications like Magnetic sensitivity testing, Probe cards, mmW, Wafer & Board level testing. Once you have developed your testing plan we also have great relationships so we can move you into a fully automatic probe station if needed.

Joystick control allows for easy and quick operation when programmability is not required. The joystick intuitively operates the station stage, platen, and microscope for systems so configured.

The P300L may be configured with a local dry / shielded / dark environment “Top Hat” for low level or low temperature, frost free probing. Three temperature ranges are supported:

  • Ambient (room temperature) to 300C
  • 0C to 300C
  • -55C to 300C

The P300L is the station of choice for a high performance, full capability and cost-effective 300 mm semi-automatic probe station.

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