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Micromanipulator offers the most comprehensive line up of probe holders available on the market today. Our products address applications ranging from general purpose DC characterization, high speed, wide bandwidth, to low current and high power. We design, test and manufacture a wide range of high-quality probe holders to meet our customers’ personal preferences, measurement equipment interface requirements or application demands as well as budget.

Product Documentation: Probe Tips and Probe Holder Reference Manual


Model Application
Model 44
  • High frequency
  • Low level signal testing.
  • 50-ohm circuit testing
  • CV testing
  • Kelvin force and sense and single wire configurations
Model 72
  • Bendable to accommodate custom setup needs.
  • General purpose DC measurement and bias
  • Ideal for use with probe cards or application boards
Model 75 General purpose DC measurement and bias
Model 79 Coaxial
  • High frequency
  • Low level signal testing.
  • CV testing
  • Kelvin force and sense and single wire configurations
Model 79 Triaxial
  • Optimized for low current, fA level measurements
  • Kelvin force and sense and single wire configurations
High Frequency
  • Coplanar configurations (GSG, SG,GS)
  • >1GHZ VNA measurements
  • High input impedance
  • Low input capacitance
  • Fast timing acquisition (optimized rise/fall times)
  • Low capacitance
High/Low Temperature
  • Available in model 79 coaxial, or 79 triaxial configurations
  • >140C or <0C test temperatures
High Power
  • Power device analysis
  • High Current
  • High Voltage
Low Profile
  • Low profile on-axis tip insertion
  • High magnification imaging (reduced optic working distance)
  • Customer setups
  • Application Board
  • Available in model 79 models


Probe Holders – Engineered to Meet Your Needs

As you can see from our extensive range of probe holders, Micromanipulator has a product suited for any application. Among our selection, we have probe holders with pin jack, spring load, or set screw tip insertion. Depending upon your test requirements, single wire, coaxial, triaxial, coplanar, certified triax or Kelvin configurations are available.

We also manufacture straight or bent probe holders as well as single unit holders such as our Model 44 with a fixed probe tip that is engineered for high frequency or low level signal testing. With a frequency range from DC to 3 GHz, this economical probe is ideal for the most common microwave tests. In fact the Model 44 has so many options; it is almost a custom probe.

The Model 79 is one of our most popular probe holders and offers the choice of coaxial, triaxial, or Kelvin (single point dual wire) as well as the option of standard attack angle or on-axis probe clamps. Users can select a style from standard temperature or high temperature application probe holders.

If you do not see the information you need regarding one of our probe holders, please give us a call. Our engineers are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Micromanipulator not only invented analytical probing in 1956 but we are the leading name in the field. We reliably deliver the tools and life cycle support the semiconductor industry depends on. Part of our company’s philosophy and what drives our success is an unfaltering commitment to our customers’ satisfaction. We offer the most comprehensive line up of accessories available on the market including our excellent range of probe holders.


Probe Holders