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Another industry first from Micromanipulator – patented 2210 application board probe station with above/below ambient temperature stress to address todays advanced system level FA challenges.

The Right Product for Your Application

We offer the most comprehensive selection of analytical probing hardware, including the most versatile probe station available on the market today, the patented model 2210.

World leader in high performance probing

We leverage 60 years of analytical probing experience with state of the art design, test, and manufacturing capability.

Your partner in success since 1956

From product development at the wafer level to post tape out failure analysis at the packaged part, those who know choose Micromanipulator.

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Micromanipulator Delivers the Probe Stations, Probe Tips, and Accessories the Industry Depends On

The first name in analytical probing, Micromanipulator delivers the tools and life cycle support the semiconductor industry depends on. We’re proud to be a partner in our customer’s success. Together we continually advance the state of the art and give our customers the tools they need to develop the products of tomorrow.
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    Our New Store is Online!

    Probe Stations

    Our new online store is ready to go! You can now purchase your probe tips, probe holders, manipulators, and more online!