Used Probe Station – Buy the Best at Micromanipulator

Used Probe Station – Great Deals on State-of-the-Art Tools

At Micromanipulator we offer our customers the opportunity for significant savings on a reliable, high-quality prober by buying a used probe station. As we conduct demonstrations with our products, we frequently have demonstration tools for sale. In addition we have an active product upgrade and trade-in program and those trade-in tools are also made available for sale. All used tools come with a factory warranty and support, just like our new ones.

Used Probe Station: Opportunities to Buy the Best

If you are trying to get the performance of a high-quality Micromanipulator tool but are on a limited budget, please consider one of our refurbished units that come with full support and performance guarantee. Any used probe station from Micromanipulator has a worldwide network of service support engineers to provide “system level” support on everything from optics to thermal chucks. We combine over 60 years of analytical probing experience with state-of-the-art design, test and manufacturing capability to offer our customers the best probe stations on the market.

Tools currently available include:

Don’t see the model you want, contact us! We might have what you are looking for!

At Micromanipulator we not only invented analytical probing in 1956 but are the leading name in the field. We reliably deliver the tools and life cycle support the semiconductor industry depends on. A part of our company’s philosophy and what drives our success is an unfaltering commitment to our customers’ satisfaction. Contact us to learn more about the opportunities we offer to purchase a high-quality used probe station.

Used Probe Station